Saturday, April 6, 2013

Sebin Devasia Mathew from India

Sebin Devasia Mathew is also from India but he is a traditional sponsorship for us.  Sebin is 10 and we have sponsored him since February 2009.  Just like Jojo he is also a very active letter writer topping even Jojo at 17 letters in 2012.  Sebin still writes in his native language but I am aware that Sebin is also learning English as a second language and he wrote that he will eventually be able to write to us in English once he is a little older.  I have also sent him flash cards but since he is younger I have sent cards that are age appropriate.  Sebins letters are typically a little shorter in length but his content is always sincere and I know that his family really values and supports his education.  Sometimes both Sebin and Jojo will share bible verses with me as I do with them too.  It really opens lines of communication when the kids are taught English because they get so much more out of your letters because topics are not changed or lost in translation.

One of the most humbling aspect of sponsorship is that the children almost always write that they are praying for us each day.  And that their families also pray for us daily.  Here we are in the United States with so much abundance and they bless our lives with their prayers.  We do not deserve their prayers and yet they give them out of love for the relationships we have formed through the mail.  They are amazing and we are the ones who are blessed by them!  Sebin is such a delight and when I write of any type of loss or illness he always checks in to see how things are going (like when Anthony's mom Janet was ill).  He is such a kind young boy.

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