Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Sponsor an Older Child - They are Often Overlooked and Forgotten

I know that I have posted previously about the joys and advantages of sponsoring older children but I feel compelled to mention it again. Currently there are more than 4,400 children ages 10 and older that are waiting for a sponsor. Many have already waited over 6 months for sponsorship.

Through our sponsorships I have found the most significant connections to our sponsored children who are over 10 years of age. They often wait the longest for sponsorships but they are the most grateful because they have a better understanding of sponsorship and are able to communicate in greater depth.

Depending on the country the older child is from you may also receive your letters in English written by the children. Both Jojo (India) and Purity (Africa) that we sponsor write to us in English and their letters are meaningful and substantial in nature. Although young children are a blessing and are as cute as can be their ability to correspond is greatly limited vs. older children who share a great deal in their letters. Older children are also more likely to answer questions that you ask in your letters when they respond.

If you have been thinking about sponsoring a child through Compassion please consider sponsoring an older child. The Compassion site will allow you to customize your search for a child to sponsor based on the criteria you select including age, gender and country. Your encouragement and love will make all the difference!

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