Saturday, December 25, 2010

Final Letter For Dovi

Sometimes as a traditional sponsor or as a correspondent sponsor you lose a child from the Compassion program. I received word this week that we lost our correspondent child Dovi Yudian Candra from the program. Unfortunately we have only corresponded with Dovi since March 2010 so my opportunity to make a difference in his life was extremely slim. However, being a very faithful writer I am confident that I made the most of the time we did have as his correspondent sponsor. I mailed a final letter to Dovi on Friday wishing him a life filled with love and blessings. I hope that they are at least able to locate him to deliver his final letter. I did not realize that they would send me a replacement child to correspond with and sure enough a new packet arrived the very same day. It is time for me to start sharing God's love with a new correspondent child. I am hopeful that I will have more time to impact this child but am thankful for any time I am given. God is good!

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