Sunday, April 25, 2010

Mail Box Full of Love

Each day (Thursday, Friday and Saturday) we received a letter from one of our sponsored kids. Thursday was a letter from Lidia in Guatemala. I think Lidia is thanking us for a Christmas gift or birthday gift in her letter. With the lag time on letters I am not sure which one she is writing about. I am always amazed at what they can purchase for the kids with $15 or $20. It is such a blessing to learn about how far our financial contributions go towards items the kids need. If only I could provide for our kids birthdays or Christmas with only $20 each.

On Friday the mail man brought us a letter from Sebin in India. Since Sebin is so young one of the project coordinators writes on his behalf. He always adds small pictures and words to his letters. I think I need to send him some flash cards in English to help him with his studies. I think they would be thin enough to get in the mail and over to him if I sent them in batches. It's great to see they are teaching Sebin a second language. Sebin recently had a physical and is in good health. That alone in the third world country is excellent news.

Saturday brought us news from JoJo also in India. I am still completely fascinated by his handwriting at the top of the page before the translation. It is so pretty and full of swirls. I also love that the kids in India call us Auntie and Uncle. Growing up in Hawaii we called everyone Auntie and Uncle out of respect just like the kids in India do. It really touches my heart.

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