Tuesday, May 25, 2010

First Letter from Dovi

This is our first correspondence from Dovi. I have never seen a form like this before but it is an introduction to share a bit about who he is with us. We received his packet back in March and I am guessing it might be a few more months before we receive a full blown letter from him. I have written to Dovi several times already and have included lots of pictures of the family for him. Since Dovi is 13 he will probably write his own letters. The kids that are a little older in age often get overlooked for sponsorship but their need for a loving supportive sponsor can be much greater than younger children. Many older children feel neglected, overlooked and forgotten because of the length of time it takes for them to become sponsored. They are at a very vulnerable age and need someone to believe in them. Currently 900 children age 10 and older are waiting for sponsors. Which child will find hope through your love and guidance? Sponsor today at www.compassion.com/olderchild or call (800) 336-7676!

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