Sunday, April 7, 2013

Dina Graciela Andgrango Cabascango from Ecuador

Dina Graciela Andgrango Cabascango is one of our three correspondence sponsorships.  I have been writing to Dina as her sponsor since December 2010.  Dina lives in Ecuador and is 13 years old.  Dina writes much shorter letters than Sebin and Jojo do but she writes consistently and often mentions special activities that she has been able to participate in, that my letters are an encouragement to her and writes about studying and her participation in school often.  Dins also mentions a love for God in a lot of her letters.  It always seems that her faith is strong and that she is a pretty grounded young girl.

I often worry about girls in poverty because the cards are stacked against them in so many ways.  They are a very vulnerable population and I really like to encourage the girls that we sponsor to study hard, have self confidence and remind them of how beautiful and special they are.  I know that these are things that they may not hear depending on their circumstances but if I tell them often enough I know that I can help them see themselves for the special gifts that they are.  The more confidence they have in themselves the less likely others will be able to take advantage of them in the future.

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