Sunday, April 7, 2013

Purity Jepkemoi Wangari from Kenya

Purity Jepkemoi Wangari lives in Kenya and is 14 years old.  We have sponsored Purity since June 2011.  Purity is the only sponsored child that we have that has a physical disability.  Her left leg has been crippled since birth.  Purity's letters are always in English.  I believe that she writes them herself although there is always a translators name at the bottom of the letters.  I need to ask Purity if the translator just reviews the letters or actually helps write them.  I am thinking that Purity writes her own letters in English since Jojo does and they are about the same age even though they are in different countries. 

We usually receive 3 or 4 letters from Purity each year.  Purity actually transferred from one Compassion program to another in May of 2012.  She writes that she has made many new friends and that the move was based on her father finding employment in the new town that they are living in.  Purity often writes about needing prayers for rain so that there are crops to grow and enough food for everyone.  She worries a lot about her family, school, community and country.  She is an old soul but I think her surroundings and life have forced her to worry about adult matters at an early age.

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