Sunday, April 7, 2013

Levis York Baquedano Amador from Honduras

Levis York Baquedano Amador will be 10 years old this July.  He lives in Honduras with his parents.  Levis is our third Correspondence Sponsorship through Compassion.  Levis writes about 3 or 4 letters to us each year.  We have been writing to Levis since August 2011.  Levis writes about attending his Compassion project three days a week and that it is close to home so he walks there with his friends.  Levis likes the art that they do and also the bible stories that they share at his project.  He also often mentions that the food that he receives at his project is very tasty.  Levis likes math and says he is doing well in his studies.  He always writes that he and his family pray for us each day and he will often dedicate bible versus to us. 

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