Saturday, April 6, 2013

Fatoumata Sabo from Burkina Faso

Fatoumata Sabo is our youngest child sponsored.  She is currently 6 years old and lives in Burkina Faso.  Anthony actually selected Fatoumata to sponsor from packets we had left from last years Compassion Sunday.  We have only sponsored her since May 18, 2012.  Because Fatoumata is so young her letters are very short and are mostly completed by fill in the blanks.  She says when she grows up she wants to be a minister.  She has asked if any of our kids like to play with dolls.  She expresses her sincere gratitude in us selecting her to be our goddaughter and they pray that we are abundantly blessed in return.  Her favorite food is spaghetti.  We did send a small extra financial gift upon starting our sponsorship of Fatoumata and I do have another picture of her in her new clothes and shoes surrounded by crackers, milk, oil, soap, sugar, a packet of candy, bread and a small doll.  It is amazing what they can do with a special extra gift of just $20.  We usually send each child a birthday and Christmas gift (money) and then the center helps to select an appropriate gift(s) for the child.  Usually they always receive food and maybe a new outfit.  I was thrilled to see her holding her new doll.

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